Re: NANFA-- Building cheap fish containers

Mark (
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 22:33:22 -0400

At 12:21 PM -0500 8/10/03, Bill Flowers wrote:
> Here is a webpage of something that might fit your needs. The
>manufacturer makes different connectors to connect standard black pipe
>for making guard rails, stair rails, and they can also be used to make
> Bill Flowers

Wow. I knew I was talking to the right people! That's exactly what
I was looking for. A little pricey, though. I need to see what
those PCV corner fittings cost. Judging by this pool I have, the PVC
would be sufficient. This thing is held together by soft
polyethylene plastic fittings that seem really week. The model I
have holds about 200 gallons and stands about 2.5 ft high. It's more
than I need for my breeding projects, so I think I can build
something that is structurally superior. The tubing they used is no
heavier than conduit, maybe lighter, so I'm not too worried about
that. The next problem is how to hold the liner in place over the
horizontal tubing. This thing is made with welt seams, such that the
liner is folded over on itself and welt together to form a tubular
opening for the metal tubing to slide into. Here's the web site
where I bought it:

I have the Summer Sun 200.

Any ideas on how to keep the sides of the liner from slipping off and
allowing the water to flow out. It won't work the same way a
timber-sided pond works, because there are no sides to hold back the
outward pressure of the water. I wonder if there is an adhesive that
is strong enough to do the job? If it fails, it will be disastrous
for the fish -- which is the whole point of this. :) I guess I
could add plywood sides, but that seems inelegant and adds a bit to
the cost and labor involved. I'm looking for maximum efficiency in
labor and cost. Otherwise, I might as well buy more of these
swimming pools. Oh, I can't dig a bunch of holes in the ground
because I'm renting and I hope to get my own place soon. Then I'll
rent an excavator and dig holes to my heart's content. In the
meantime, I need something that's easy to set up and tear down.

Thanks for all the great ideas.

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