NANFA-- D'OH! D'Oh! D'oh! d'oh! (Lead-Core Question)

Todd Crail (
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 22:59:17 -0400

Yes, that was an echoing "d'oh!"

So here's what I got... I was all in a hurry because I've been working too
darn much and had the opportunity to cash in on some karma I shared with
folks over here at the University of Toledo. I helped them ID fish for a
dam removal project as a _volunteer_... The professor in charge invited me
to join their program as a grad student and TA ( yay! :) to like, study
fishes and whatnot, and also threw in, as a bonus, the opportunity to buy
$100 of equipment from the grant.

I tried to assure him I wasn't there to get anything except that damned dam
removed... But you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth fer too long.

In my haste to get the order done, so I could go to bed one evening, I
inadvertantly ordered stock netting instead of the seine "package". I
wondered why I was getting so much seine for the money hehheh. It's
seriously cool as I have an 8x6 (for me) and a 20x8 (for education stuff I
do) in my possession now... But when he said "I expected there to be poles"
I kinda groaned a bit ;) Oh well... My fault... I was glad that he helped
me out as much as he had!

It shouldn't be too much trouble to get these bad boys operational... I was
parusing the catalog and found the Lead-Core lead line interesting... Has
anyone used that as opposed to the traditional weights? Is it beneficial,
or does it have its own set of "cons" as well? I wonder if the length of it
is indescriminate about getting hung up on rocks and stuff?

I imagine ol' Jonah stocks some of this stuff... Just haven't had time to
look on yer website yet (read: drop me a line Mark ;)

The dam removal sampling was pretty cool. We found _hordes_ of yellow perch
below the dam (both Adults and many Juvies), but I have never, in all the
sampling I have done of the Ottawa River and Ten Mile Creek, found any
yellow perch above that dam. And there's plenty of pool habitat for them
upstream... So I'd say there's an economically viable fish getting it's
habitat interrupted. I'd also seen similar results in Swan Creek (another
Maumee River trib) so perhaps we can work on that system after we get the
case closed on this one. Neat stuff :)

Okay... Time to hit the hay. And I'll try and remember to get that
furniture fitting info tomorrow. Had a wave of people trying to knowingly
write bogus checks and a monster clearance inventory to re-do. Oh retail,
how fun! ;)


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