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> Can anyone tell me how to catch crawfish urt of their chimneys (burrows)?
> Bob Muller

I use a really crude, Neanderthal man sort of method. I remove the chimney,
then I dig the top of their hole out big enough that I can put my hand with my
fingers squeezed together into the hole as far as possible and then I pull my
hand out suddenly. This creates a suciton action and either all of the
commotion it makes or the change in pressure seems to cause at least half of the
crawfish to come to the surface of their hole to investigate. Generally, I make
a little shelf, if possible, at the top of the water column in their hole, so
when they come to the surface [usually, all you'll see are their antanae] it
gives me a place to get my hand to pin them down. Often, if you only get
their pinchers in your grasp, they will shuck them and you're left with pinchers
but no crawfish. It takes patience, sometimes maybe even a couple of minutes,
although most of the time they appear within 30-40 seconds if they're inclined
to being curious. Hope this helps.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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