NANFA-- Help with IDing young fishes

Chirstyn (
Mon, 25 Aug 2003 18:28:02 -0400


I'm thinking of collecting some fish for a native tank but I'm still doing
the research thing. At my Mom's place there are tons of sunfishes and other
species that I'm interested in keeping (the "big" fishes, like bass and the
like are a wee bit out of my league I'd reckon). I'd like to collect them
young so that they're easier to acclimate to aquarium livin' (it's hard to
collect larva and bugs and other such things when the lakes around hear
freeze solid). Problem is I can't tell one species from another when
they're young.

Off the dock there're schools of green sunfish, orangespots, bandeds (I
think), rock bass, small/large mouth bass and probably even hybrids that I'm
*terrible* at pin-pointing. I've been working at collecting them, looking
at them and trying to figure out what species (or which species in the case
of hybrids) they come from. The 'net has been pretty helpful so far.

Anyhow, here's my thing... I caught a few of these little guys and I'm just
not sure what they are. I haven't had much luck finding pictures of young
fishes on the 'net in order to help me ID them and since sunfishes and bass
and rock bass, to me, all look the same when they're young, I'm stumped.

If anyone could help me ID these little devils I'd be very grateful. I
apologize if the pictures aren't spectacular - it was my first shot as
photographing fish. I was starting to question the wisdom of evolution of
free will in fish by the time I was through. :)

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