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Wed, 27 Aug 2003 03:10:18 EDT

I would just be happy for them to start funding the space program like it's.
000009% as important as it really is. With the funding wasted on one more
nuclear submarine we could be the United States of the Solar System and it would
mean something! With access to the raw materials in space and the free energy
to work them an enormous amount of things could be made and transferred from
space to earth. Keeping us from having to strip mine as much of our own planet.
Not to mention be able to develop theoretical technologies that would free us
from any dependence on oil. Eventually humans will have to give up the earth
after destroying every habitat here on earth and make artificial habitats in
space. There are just too many of us and we multiply too fast. Most religions
will make sure this will never stop. space habitats will allow us to move the
entire ecology (or at least a significant percentage of it) into orbiting
habitats. These habitats can be as wild or controlled as we wish not to mention
being able to safely fool around with genetic engineering in isolated habitats.
But NASA has to squabble over funding the latest Powerball winner could almost
rival. If we as a species do not start to think ahead there will be no future
with us in it or our lovely planet or all the little creatures we all hold so
dear. Nuclear power will have to be developed for use in space, chemical
rockets are like trying to ship goods and services around the earth in a birch bark
canoe. Read this article, all of it, not just part one and see how easy it
could be.

<A HREF="">NuclearSpace:
Opening the Next Frontier pt. 1</A>

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