Re: NANFA-- Constructing a pond under and around an A/C unit
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:46:18 EDT

that does not sound good.
what about maintenance on the ac unit? generally they must be checked once a
year. they spray a agressive cleaner on the cooling fins to clean them to.
poison im sure. i dont think your heating and air guy will wear waders even if
you provide them. :)

a pond under and around a ac unit...? how odd. that must be a odd yard you

one thing... here at my commercial building / shop i run the 2 acs on the
roof... their drains which drip constantly the hotter it gets. i run these 2
drain lines to 2 planters filled w/ monkey grass and ornamental hollys. a good
trick to keep the plants lush and healthy. the hotter / drier it is... the more
the plants get cool water.

at my home i think of routing the ac units drip line to a small florida type
fish pond. i imagine that water would be fine... but maybe not... due to the
contact w/ copper, aluminum or whatever the cooling metals are. it is in a
weird place which would not accomadate a pool easily anyway.

casper whose yard and home is filled w/ to many water containers.
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