Re: NANFA-- Williams County, Ohio Report

Todd Crail (
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 13:24:22 -0400

Thanks Casper... That's what I'm giving it... Sand, detritus, nori, krill
and mysids. Hopefully it'll work cause they're soooooooooo cool. Went down
and took a peak earlier this morning. Can't wait for the lights to come on

I'll trade you a couple moraines for some mountains ;)

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> good luck on the hogsucker in aquaria. i think they need a non
> tank w/ a sandy substrate, lots of live dietris, algae and feed sinking
> w/ few tankmates. the only place i have had one survive... and thrive is
in my
> cement pond. getting larger everyday and working on his 3rd year now.
oddly i
> caught several unidentifable tiny, tiny fry this year and put them in a 35
> gallon tank on my shaded patio. one of the high swimming fry converted to
> bottom dwelling hog sucker:) i hope to move him to a protected area in the
> pond later this fall.
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