NANFA-- book order screw ups at American Fisheries Society
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:27:15 EST

To refresh your memory, I ordered some books on November 28, got an immediate
confirmation, but have not yet received the order. I followed up with
e-mails marked "Urgent" to the fulfillment houses and to AFS. One to the
confirmation address bounced back, the others were not responded to.

This morning I called the fulfillment house listed on their web page and was
told someone from AFS would call me back immediately. No one did.

I finally called AFS and spoke to a very nice lady (Karen) who said she did
not understand the missing order or why my e-mails were not responded to or
phone calls not made. In a prompt e-mail a little while later, she offered
to overnight the books to me. Too late for that since one of the books is a
gift I need at 4:00 today, but certainly a nice attempt. I told her not to
bother with the additional expense and trouble.

She also promised to get to the bottom of the problems, which I assume will
be explained to me later. I don't really expect anything other than "I guess
someone screwed up" answer.

She also stated the following:

".........AFS is in the process of moving fulfillment services. The old
fulfillment service
in Swickley PA was terminated close of business on 12/15/00. The new
fulfillment service will not start servicing our customers until 1/2/2001,
that is why when you called (770)442-6833 and e-mailed no
one was able to help..........."

Of course, that is no excuse for new fulfillment service to ignore my phone
call and e-mails.

Good luck with your orders. Let the buyer beware. Another case of people
not getting around to doing what they are paid for I suppose. I do have to
say, so far Karen has done hers and done it promptly.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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