NANFA-- collecting trip

Dave Neely (
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:58:53 -0600

sorry if some of y'all get this twice...

Tornadoes notwithstanding, I'm fine, thanks for wondering. Bernie Kuhajda
(whom some of you saw at Jackson, MS) came way too close to losing his
trailer... he lives less than 1/4 mile from the trailer park where most of
the fatalities occurred. The drive north was nuts, I hit the ice storm in
North AL and missed Ets' infamous party, but got to spend the next day
perusing the UT-Knoxville fish collection. I also spent the better part of a
day collecting parts of the Nolichucky system in NE Tennessee (brrrrr!),
arriving in MD late Monday night.

I'm still on for collecting in eastern Maryland on the 23rd. Bob's
suggestion of meeting at the McDonalds on the south side of MD Rt 50 right
before (just W of) the Bay Bridge is fine with me. This will allow some
folks to car pool. Is 9:00am OK with folks?

The first site will be a small, sand-bottomed Coastal Plain stream with the
following species likely: least brook lamprey, American eel, swallowtail
shiner, golden shiner, creek chubsucker, tadpole madtom, margined madtom,
Eastern mudminnow, redfin pickerel, pirate perch, redbreast sunfish,
bluespotted sunfish, and tesselated darter. There's a funky sculpin there
that's the main reason for my suggesting this site (as well as some other
cool stuff).

The second site will be a small brackish tidal creek feeding into the Bay.
Likely species include: bay silversides, striped killifish, mummichogs,
banded killifish, rainwater killifish, spot, and lots more.

Weather should be in the low to mid-40s, so dress warmly and bring a change
of clothes.

I may also head over to the Pine Barrens in NJ on the 22nd, but am not 100%
sure about this yet. More details to come...

Tuscaloosa, AL

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