Re: NANFA-- Shipping in Winter (water hyacinths)
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 23:50:25 EST

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<< I'm not sure if it's lack of light or condensation from being
in a closed tank - never tried them in an open, emersed-vegetation-type
tank. >>

I got some from B.G. Granier last spring and they reproduced off runners
pretty well during the summer, so I moved about a dozen and a half inside
just in time this fall. We'd gotten a couple of light frosts, but they seem
to be doing well. I have them in open contains (1/2 of 55 gallon plastic
drums) where they get mid-day and afternoon sunlight. Although the temps
hover around 45-50F, they seem to be doing quite well. The same can not be
said about the water lettuce. I have a few that are just holding on, but
they definitely do not like cold water. I even had one water hyacinth in an
aquarium and it died back and I thought it was goners except for the roots;
but when I turned on the light and left it on continuously for a couple of
weeks, plus I added a heater to that tank, the plant rebounded and now has
two new 'pods'.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho

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