Re: NANFA-- stupid algae removal tricks...

Christopher Scharpf (
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:07:39 -0400

> I have a big problem in one of my ten gallon tanks. Big slimy sheets of
>algae cover the surface film. The color is a vivid green, and grows extremely
>fast. Its definately not helping the topminnows I have in the tank, and
>interferes with their feeding on the flake food. Its gotten to the point
>where I skim all of it out of the tank every two dayd, but it comes right
>back just as strong. It also like to attach to the numerous floating plants I
>have in the tank. Any suggestions?

Hey, Dan -- that sounds like cyanobacteria. It's not an algae, but a bacteria.
Often concentrates in areas with the brightest illumination (hence it appearing
near the surface and at the top of floating plants). It's harmless (as far as I
know), but unsightly. Remove as much as you can. Do some water changes. And then
add Maracyn (an anti-biotic) to knock it out.

Chris Scharpf

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