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Prehaps you read too much into it. I mean that I'm
not going to set myself up for constant battles with
parents by insisting on a 'belief' in evolution. I
don't want it to get to the point were the local
preachers are calling my fish a "trick of the devil".

Getting them to realize that they already "know" is
the first goal. And if they forget everything else
but that at the end of they year, I'll mark that as a

The classroom book self is open to everyone, anybody
who wants a CD of the background material for the
lecture can have one, and any interest by anyone
(other teachers included) will be duly nurtured.

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> > By "as much as they need to know" I am only facing
> > reality. Most of the students that I will be
> teaching
> > will not leave the farm. And those that do will
> > likely stray only as far as the factories and
> kaolin
> > mines nearby.
> This is not much about fishes, and anyone who is not
> interested should just
> skip it....
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