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Santa also has beaucoup webspace skills and if you need hosting or design. :) There's also the option of the NANFA site, should this truely turn into a NANFA project (all are in agreement about that), but don't let me put any words in anyone's mouths. I'd certainly be willing to help create the web format wherever the site lands, in any case.

And no, a pic now isn't necessary. The pile of stuff would prolly look like a portion of my attic and I just have to walk up there and sneeze to get that view. :)
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4. In exchange for fish, is the court willing to
> provide written
> documentation (on paper), photographs of said school
> projects?

Of course. I'm planning to have a webpage documenting
it all. Depending on how much space I am allowed on
the school server, I may even make my lectures
availible online in PowerPoint format.

Right now however, If you want a photo of an empty
tank, a box of gravel, and a pre-cycled filter sitting
on my 55 I can borrow Dad's camera.

After the Board meets in May to approve my contract, I
would be more than happy to provide documentation on
school letterhead (they approve new teacher contracts
annually). I have been promised the posistion by the
superintendent (my old gifted teacher) and pre
approveded by a majority of the board who know me
personally (including my old science and english
teachers,...did I mention that my grandmother is
president of the Retired Educators Asso.?)

Also, after that time, I will have access to the
paperwork needed for "Educational Donation" tax
credits. (Hi, Santa)

As I have stated before, Currently I am Substitute,
and I will start as a parapro in the "Behavior" class
after the December Board meeting (subs, temps and aids
can be approved at any meeting). (It is just a
formality...did I mention that my Mom is the town
karate instructor?)

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