NANFA-- RE: digital cameras (here's one for you Jay)

Crail, Todd (
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:51:19 -0500

Here's a note from one of my close friends. He picked up a Canon A40 and
*loves* it. He's satisfied with the macro (he's also a reefer and likes to
take pics of frags, polychaetes and amphipods etc) Here's what he had
written. Looks like this is more in your range that you were requesting.
Definately get the 128mb card and you can't beat the NiMH rechargeables. I
get about 4 hours out of mine, and my camera is a total HOG when I run the
viewer. He's going to upload some pics tonight... I'll post that url if he's
cool with that. Heck, this is within the price range enough that it might
just end up my fish camera for in the boat or in the stream. I'm too absent
minded to run around with my CP in the water, given the replacement costs.
I payed $250 for it at Office Max. had them for $237 for a while
but they wouldn't have been here for X-mas so I had to shell out the added
$12 + sales tax to get it at the local store. The 128 MB compact flash card
cost like $47 and I also had to buy a set of 8 NiMH batteries (4 in camera,
4 in charger) so I guess I topped out at around $320 or so including tax and
shipping. I bought the 128 MB CF, batteries, and charger _at_ as
they were cheaper. I'll upload a couple pics I took last night to show you
what it can do. From what I understand 4 AA NiMH batteries should last
about 100-200 pictures before they need recharging. I bought backups that I
could just keep in the charger so when the ones in the camera die I can just
replace them.

Here's the website on the Canon A40:

And here's a couple images taken with the A40 from Canon's website:
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