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> Trial and error - one of life's greatest learning tools.
Yeah, if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger ;-) (Klingon proverb)
Madtoms are bad for eating other fish much like any other catfish but you can
short circuit this by feeding your madtom every night with something to keep
his belly full so his tank mates don't start to look so inviting. After
lights out, I like to use a timer so it's the same time each day, drop a
small earth worm into a spot near where he hides. After he gets used to
eating it at a certain time slowly, over time, move the drop point to a place
where you can see him better. After a while he will go to that place when the
lights go out and he feels your approach to the tank and wait for his treat.
I have a flathead cat that will stuck his head out of the water for a nice
plump night crawler I hold in my hand for him. And he always comes out when
her feels the vibration of me (or someone) near the tank and investigates to
see if there is a treat in store. if not he will make a huge splash to show
his displeasure. If I didn't train him like this I would probably never see

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