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unclescott (
Tue, 2 Dec 2003 17:25:13 -0600

> >I was wondering if there are any rivulus species native to California?

I think one of the AKAers, in an article, alluded to a small pond way out in
the boonies of California which was left by a defunct fish hatchery.
Somebody (in an article mentioning pupfish?) spun the tale.

They recalled that the pond was mostly populated by livebearers. They did
encounter a couple of Riv hartii. This was a number of years ago. Maybe this
will trigger a recollection from someone else familiar with AKA
publications. maps possible
locations of hartii in and near the Salton Sea. Leo Nico gives
the most details and references.

See also

The list suffers from a considerable lag time. For instance it fails to
note the ferel threat of the big head carp, Aristichthys nobilis, to the
American Midwest. There's an opportunity for several NANFAns to set them

However it does note that R, hartii has gotten loose in Florida; Victoria,
Australia and is spreading in Ireland after being used as a bait fish! It
was also shipped from the U.K. to Cyprus and stocked for fishing! "Not
popular with anglers" was the commentary. Can you see a fishing magazine
article on Pursuing the Mighty Trinidad Rivulus?

Before anyone heads out into the desert looking for them, have a long talk
with one of the Desert Fishes Council people or a member of one of the
aquarium club people who go out on the clean up efforts in Death Valley. :)

Check out the Desert Springs Action Committee .
It's unlikely, but sometime I'd love to fly west and go out on one of their

All the best,

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