NANFA-- More sandbed schtuff..

Todd Crail (
Tue, 2 Dec 2003 22:27:07 -0500

I stopped in to visit the tank I'd set up for the High School Biology class
last year... It has been _completely_ negelected for 7 months (no fish in it
which I'm sure helped, but it was fed very heavily prior). It's scuzzy,
don't get me wrong... But after I pull out a couple floating clumps of
green algae that seemed to form on pieces of val that had broken off / died
/ whatever, I think we're back in business. The rocks and substrate are
totally clear, the glass barely needs scrubbed, the val maintained it's form
without any nasty hair or blackbrush infections, even without the consistent
micronutrient injections I find necessary. I was impressed.

Mind you, this tank got _direct_ sunlight from the skylights all summer, so
it wasn't from a lack of light (just one step shy of being in a greenhouse).
I think that I'm actually looking at it in regression due to loosing that
sunlight intensity through October and November :)

The teacher was kinda like "Eww... " and I was like "Yes!" and she couldn't
figure out why I didn't think big, gassy, floating mats of algae were
disgusting, and I proclaimed it'd take me about 15 minutes and I'd have the
thing back and running at prime. I don't even think I'll do a waterchange

I like 'dem apples.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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