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Sun, 07 Dec 2003 13:51:34 -0800

Take a look at the movie "blade runner" or read the book "do androids
dream of electric sheep"
I am not afraid of new technology, only of the tyrants that push the
value added envelope of consumer insanity. Vote of no confidence here.
However I am interested in the possible utility of a visible pollutant
indicator. Using molecular vibration scanners any known molecule can be
identified within seconds, but the biological version seems cheaper and
more accessible to your average water quality tester.
This product seems to take away from the attention and value of
preserving native fish habitat in my opinion. Besides, if the
geneticists really knew what they were about, the serial number would be
imprinted on each scale. The question is not whether GMO is inherently
moral, rather if the product and application adheres to ethical
consideration. So yes, GMO can certainly be immoral.

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> Subject: Re: NANFA-- Transgenetic Danios
> Quoting Jeffrey Fullerton <>:
>>Question - is there any logical reason other than a knee jerk reaction
>>to genetically modified organisms?
> None that I can see. There is no moral imperative against GMO's, and
almost all
> of the arguments I have seen are based on fear rather than
rationality. The
> potential for abuse does exist, but GMO's are not intrinsicly evil.
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