NANFA-- the marsh December 7th - Choupiques New Marsh web site

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 9 Dec 2003 01:12:32 -0600

I got the pictures up, you can see them here.

I am working on this from the bottom up, that is why there is no text
really, and I am having problems with the pictures. Anyways, you can see the
top pic is looking "upstream" at Quail point flowage towards North Bluff.
That is that hill thing. The green is a nice touch, huh? The next picture is
the hole I caught the fish out of, which is on the downstream side of the
road the top pic is taken on. The next picture was showing 30 minutes or so
later how dark it was getting, and why besides noticing my gauge on empty,
the day was cut short. The fourth picture down is a finescale dace, then the
two below it are of a northern redbelly dace and a pair of iowa darters, the
female on top and male on the bottom. Under that is a blacknose shiner, and
on the bottom is a picture of a tiny golden shiner that somehow came out
just huge.

Hopefully the next update to Choupiques New Marsh will be better. My old web
site, lost in space because of lost software, Choupiques Marsh is still up. This has not been
updated in a year or so, and will never be as far as I know. But still some
neat stuff there if you have not seen it. And NO!!! I did not get to pick
the URL at this free hosting site. It is NOT a porn site. There is lots of
annoying banners and irritating pop ups, so be prepared and turn on your pop
up stopper software if you venture to this part of my marsh. The new site I
hope to change regularly, with whatever is happening. Either fishing trips,
colleting trips, something in the ponds or tanks, or maybe even something
else. Generally fish, aquarium/pond or outdoors related. This site is
provided by my ISP, and has no pop ups or any other clutter or irritating

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