Re: NANFA-- The writing on the wall?

Todd Crail (
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 19:02:57 -0500

> At 40-50 feet down, any light enhancement is an advantage.

Also in turbid water. Remember... The turbidity in most Ohio streams is
heavy enough to inhibit _any_ submerged plants from growing, and in a wet
year or a lake, inhibit even marginals like pickerel weed and arrowhead.
And most of those streams and "lakes" really aren't all that deep...

Hot pink, neon orange, neon lime green and neon chartreuse seem to be your
best bets for colors on artificial baits in turbid conditions, whereas in
clear water with the same colors, you won't catch a danged thing. The fish
in the turbid situations seem to suck in anything that flies by to try it
out (so all you have to do is get them to see it), which means more dropped
pickups if you can't detect the inhalation, but more "strikes"... Fish in
clear water situations don't mess around when they do strike, but won't hit
something that doesn't look right. And that friends.... Is the big "P" in
F+L+P=S, which is what tackle and bait manufacturers are trying to get you
buy :)

Ray raised a point about it being inconclusive wether the flourescent heads
led to any better success.... I don't think it really matters. Most baits
are to catch fishermen, not fish :)

But you do have a good point Moon about "better or worse" than what is
already going in the drink currently. There's no clear winner in that...
What scares me most though, is that it will be more "economical" to raise
the fish in ponds abroad, and import exotic disease with them.

Again, I'm not really concerned about any flourescent species or genotype
becoming established (which I guess I would be the only one who'd remember
that I'd said that in an earlier thread :). I'm more worried about what may
come along with them, and I _know_ there's a market for them, if the powers
that be allow them to go to market.

ps I was tickled so much with Ray's "ban em all!" that the receptionist came
and asked if I was alright ;)

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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