Re: NANFA-- Some eye candy and stuff...

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 28 Dec 2003 20:35:30 -0600

: Re: NANFA-- Some eye candy and stuff...

> No offense, Ray, but I think the red edging around the opercular flap
> rule out a redbreast.

No offense taken, Bob. I didn't figure redbreasts were in Ohio, but you
never know. My best guess is I see a bluegill pumpkinseed hybrid. Since the
pumpkinseed is not likely, A redear ( shellcracker) is that part. I don't
think it is a bluegill on the other half, since the markings on the cheek
tell me that one parent had wavy blue lines on the cheek. Longear
shellcracker hybrid is my guess going on the selection of species Todd gave
us. However, some papers I have read put orange spots and bluegills as
closely related, so a orange spot shellcracker could be an option. The other
thing is, the northern longear- or jewel sunfish as I call them ( just look
at the pictures on Todds website!) could have spawned with a shelly or an
ospot. But I think the ear would be larger, although this is a youngster. I
am interested to see what this fish looks like when it gets a bit bigger.

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