Re: NANFA-- Apple snails eat Java Fern?

unclescott (
Wed, 31 Dec 2003 17:08:46 -0600

> Still, I always have lettuce available for them.
A great idea! Feed them something, anything. ;) Vegetable items are good for
the apple snails. Marine aquarists feed their vegetarian fishes stuff like
fortified algae sheet and Romaine lettuce. However there are some lettuces
so low in calories and nutrients that a fish/snail/person (not necessarily
in that order) will use more energy up digesting it then they will get from
the lettuce.

I used to toss odd aquarium plant trimmings, trout pellets once in a while,
old fish food, the zucchini the Ancistris were getting and a few greens from
the kitchen in with the apple snails. They are pretty cosmopolitan in their
interests. (One of those famous "see food" diets.)

Innes called those snails "infusoria snails" because they generated a lot of
bacteria and veggie waste which in turn fed various protists. We used ours
as greenwater generators.

Feeding greens will keep some fish away from the aquarium plants. I'm not
sure if there is enough one can do to keep apple snails from the plants
short of separate tanks.

And when they're done grazing or the tank water isn't to their liking, it's
time to head out for a more hospitable place. Our kids, pretty small at the
time, rather got a kick our of following a slime trails across the floor
until they found the fugitives.

We all got a kick out of their egg bundles above water and the development
of the little ones. Probably why they stayed so long in the menagerie.

All the best!

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