NANFA-- downloading .mim extensions
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 20:33:58 EST

this is not fish question but im hoping someone knows how to deal with this
better than myself.
everyday im downloading files from my clients to reproduce their logos or
designs in my graphic arts business. usually they are small .ai or .eps
files. my clients use both macs and pcs and all kinds of different internet
well somehow these simple, small .ai or .eps files get converted to .mim
files. i cant get a straight answer from anyone as to why. my clients insist
they are not miming or compressing them.
the solution to un-miming has been by using pkunzip. most of the time this
works... but not always.
this issue really slows my production down... having to deal with these extra
steps they may or may not pan out. i dont see why they ( aol? or whoever did
the miming ) dont automatically un-mim them. it has something to do with
making them go over the internet in a compressed state. but then i have to
deal with the resulting compressed file... which did not need to be
compressed anyway cause it was soooo small.
gee wiz.

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