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We have a 10 Gal aquarium recently cycled.
PH around 7.4
Nitrite 0
Ammonia 0
Cannot figure out how to keep PH Lower...Use PH 7 water when started....Do
water changes with PH 7
PH Down does not keep it down
Do not have any kind of shells
Aquarium gravel is standard from Pet Store
It is white...but the 20 gal has natural color gravel and we are still
having same trouble with PH
we recently purchased to little panda cats...( not sure if they are cory's)
as bottom feeders....Tank has been up for a month....
Other fish....a few fan tailed guppies (about 5)
a sword tail couple...
a pair of Tetra's the ones with long fins...very old fish...over a year old
adopted from an aquarium that was dismantled....
a pair of Tuxedo mollys....these have all been in the Tank living in harmony
for over a month
Then the first panda cory came last week....and we got the second one about
3 days ago.....

Yesterday evening....we found one of the Tetras dead
And one of the panda corys
This morning we found the other Panda Cory dead....Why?????
Tem had been in the 74-78 range as we keep the home cool at night.....
We also have natural plants....approved caves etc....
Appreciate any help
Les and Sandra

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