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Fri, 22 Feb 2002 07:06:17 -0400

Interesting. I just checked *American Aquarium Fishes* which Harper
co-authored. The section on Aphredoderus spawning largely follows Katula's
account: place a group of pirates in a thickly planted sand-bottomed 10
gallon. Feed heavily with live food. Males will create and defend spawning
caves. Spawning occurs in early spring.

It seems simulating winter and the on-set of spring is a spawning cue.
Keeping the fish in darkness and gradually increasing the photoperiod may

These are cool fish. Uniquely American. Nothing like them in the rest of the

Chris Scharpf

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> Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 21:35:59 -0800
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> Subject: RE: NANFA-- FW: Aquaticinfo: Pirate Perch?
> The topic of pirate perch spawning came up on this list about 5 years ago.
> I remember Rodney Harper saying he had success keeping the tank in near
> darkness all the time and with leaf litter on the bottom. He talked about
> shining a dim light on the tank once and seeing mineature replicas of the
> adult fish swimming about the tank.
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> Jay DeLong
> Olympia, WA

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