NANFA-- Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

Bruce Stallsmith (
Tue, 04 Jul 2000 18:53:08 EDT

The NANFA Board of Directors has approved the initiation of a Conservation
Research Grant of $1000 to be awarded by NANFA annually. The first award(s)
will be announced next March 30. To help fund this program we ask all
interested NANFA members to participate in a recycling program for computer
printer & FAX machine cartridges. Many of these cartridges can be used more
than once, especially the pricier ones. Various companies are willing to buy
empty ones so that they can professionally reload and resell them. One such
company is National Laser & Inkjet Cartridge Service of High Ridge, MO. The
owners of NLIJCS, Charles and Sue Harrison, are aquarists active in the St.
Louis Area Killifish Association. They are willing to host fundraising
efforts by groups such as NANFA. Such an effort works like this: they have a
web site, which explains their business. There is also
an area where one can download a 4th class mailing label addressed to them,
with postage paid by them. Ink cartridges can be shipped to them at their
cost, and if you write "NANFA" on the outside of the box they will credit
the value of the cartridges to NANFA.

A list of the cartridges they will buy and at what value is below. Please
only send cartridges off of this list. Anything you can send will be a great
help to this new NANFA program. I would be happy to answer any questions
about both the Grant program, and this recycling initiative. Thanks!

Inkjet, Laser Printer, Copy machine, and FAX machine cartridges:

Hewlett Packard C4127A, Series 4000, 4050 $5.00
Hewlett Packard C4127X, Series 4000, 4050 $5.00
Hewlett Packard C3903A $1.00
Hewlett Packard 92295A (SX) $1.00
Hewlett Packard C3906A, AX, Series 5L $3.00
Hewlett Packard C4092A, 1100 & 1100A $10.00
Hewlett Packard C4096A, 2100 $15.00

Canon FW1, FX3, and FX4 $ 5.00
Canon E20 & E40 (E16 & E31) $15.00
Canon A - 20 Copier Cartridge $ 5.00
Canon A - 30 Copier Cartridge $ 5.00
Epson 1000/1500 (S051011) $ 5.00
Epson 1600 (S051016) $ 5.00

Ink Jet Cartridges:
Hewlett Packard 51645A, 51640A $0.50
Hewlett Packard 51629A, 51626A $4.00
Hewlett Packard 51625A, 51649A $3.50

Canon BC01, BC02, BC05, BC 20, BC23 $2.00
Canon BX2 , and BX3 $3.50
Lexmark 12A1970 $1.00
Lexmark 12A1975 $1.00
Lexmark 12A1980 $1.00
Lexmark 12A1985 $1.00

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL
NANFA Board of Directors

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