NANFA-- collectin' yesterday/ there?

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 7 Jul 2000 19:42:14 -0700

Mississippi River: Trempaleau south to Black Hawk Island.

Hunted list : gar, orange spotted sunfish, and warmouth or anything neat
that was caught.

Caught. 7 small gar, most likely shortnose, and only 3 warmouth angling.
Also caught bluegill, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, black crappie, yellow
bullhead, river shiners, and brook silver side.

The trip wasn't a total bust, but atleast we weren't skunked. It appeared
the water had dropped about 3 feet within the last day. I think this is the
main reason we did so poorly. The warmouth were caught under large dinner
plate lily pads using a worm on a tiny jig. The gar were caught in dip nets
after dark when they float along the shore. There were thousands of very
tiny gar, just under an inch. They were passed up since they are nearly
impossible to keep alive, even get home.

On the trip out to the river, we stopped at a canal in the marsh that had
one of my traps in it. It looked good, large bowfins were swimming with
their mouths open against the current feeding. The trap yeilded nothing. I
decided to cast an assortment of artificial lures out , but had no luck in
getting any to strike. They were then spooked when two semis came barreling
down the narrow county trunk that flanks this canal.

I was going to take my daughter out to catch some today, but around 5:30 a
serious thunderstorm rolled in, with heavy rain and lots of sky to ground
lightening. It is still going on right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday the Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization will be having its
collecting trip picnic on the Muckwanago river near Muckwanago. Any one who
can make it please do. there will be grills going, so if you would like to
bring something to cook, feel free. The get together starts at 12 noon.
There is a list of species to be caught as long as my arm, should be a good
time. I will write a report on it if it is note worthy. Contact me for
further info.


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