Re: NANFA-- More seine questions

patrick vinas (
8 Jul 2000 13:04:46 -0700

> Patrick, you dog--now everyone will track you down to see the book and
> borrow it!

WOUF!!! WOUF!!! ;-)

I got lucky Bruce but it works with me.Ten days ago i didn't know about the book then i found it.
Today with the family we went to try the new seine in tributaries of the Etowah river (north Georgia).
The water was really clear but shallow,still my daughter managed to get a snorkeling session in (i was too big).
The seine needs improvement,i need to lower the net between the brails,and i am also going to run a chain on the bottom and add floats since we lost too many fish today.
Still we didn't get skunked with 6 Rainbow Shiners,3 Speckled Darters and 4 Creek Chubs,tons of crayfish and even a Salamander(i kept only 2 darters).
We got savagely attacked by a nest of yellow jackets while seining and my poor daughter (Carine) got the worst of it with 2 stings including one on her cheek,poor thing was crying her head off.I got nailed on my ankle and my wife didn't get any.
We are all fine and still had a great time.We might go back tomorrow try the seine after i improve it.

Best regards to all


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