Re: NANFA-- DP: Grass Pike, collecting report
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 21:51:22 EDT

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Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com writes:

Chuck, I'd be interested in whatever info you gather and your personal
experiences with these fish. I am hoping to setup a 125 gallon tank and I
wanted to put some Grass Pickerel in it. I currently have one small Red-Fin
Pickerel and enjoy it immensely. >>


Haven't had any responses yet except for one mentioning the Grass Pickerel
missing he feeder fish and bumping their noses in to the glass. That poster
suggested keeping plants and cover in the center of the tank for the feeders.

My past experience is that if keeping more than one in a tank, they will
quickly attack siblings once they get hungry. They can't eat them but will
kill them in the attempt.

Sunday I got a bunch of small feeder fish and threw them in the 29 gallon
with the two Grass Pike. They each immediately got excited and ate a couple
each. Since then they seem to hover close to each other. Sometimes they
hover facing opposite directions, tail-to-tail.

This weekend I may play around with putting in some plants and other cover.
Minimal stuff in there now.

I am also going to throw some daphnia in. It will be interesting to see if
the minnows going after the daphnia triggers feeding behavior on the pike.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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