NANFA-- jackson fish fever
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 23:16:39 EDT

all youn fishfolk...
in about 1 month i and we will be packing for the great rendevous in the land
of missippii. how do you spell a name like that anyway? ( its got to be one
of the first learning requirements for a new resident, seems like there was
some kind of nursery rythm that helped out back in my school days? ). im
looking forward to seeing a lot of you again!... and meeting new species of
tho martin has told me not to fear of the gators and mocs... that will be me
directly behind mr moore... not in front leading the way! i do hope to find
some snorkle water... please!
im looking forward to the auction ( i came away with lots of cool stuff last
year and with only a few jacksons less in my pocket ), the many raffle prizes
( a big 12' siene was mine last year! ), southern vittles, mre's ( kinda of
like vittles :) and the critter fish fry roast. too bad ed scott is not
bringing his sculpin culinary skills... i would ask for the recipe but im
afraid dave neely may want to tussel away my skillet and tong ka bobs being
he is a sculpin advocate.
im looking forward to getting wet, dunking a few folk, netting some mermaids
and seeing strange and exotic species from parts never before ventured. i
been a hearin a lot of scouting has been ventured. im a hoping to have a full
day sunday too. please dont skiddadle away too soon. i reserved my room today
for sunday night too and i dont want to be left lonely.
im looking forward to a higher education and enhanced evening leisure time. i
want to see x-rated spawnings and fertilizations videos from dr rolston's
library. ;) has anyone spoke to him recently? im looking forward to hearing
big fish tales that get wilder and scalelyer with each telling. im looking
forward to friends. its gonna be great!

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