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<< i am talking bout a tank whith a chiller

Well, in that case I would say sculpins would be good candidates. Off-hand, I
can't think of any other types of truly coldwater fish that stay reasonably
smaller-sized. Trouts and the like get too big for an average-sized aquarium.
Of course, if you have the space and capacity for a custom-made large tank,
go ahead, if they're legal to keep in your state. But sculpins are easier to
house and keep well-fed.Plus they're the coolest-looking coldwater fish.
I have never kept any sculpins personally, but I have read up on the subject
and know that they require lots of oxygen and a very clean tank compared to
other fish. A good-quality filter, an aerator/airstones, and maybe a
powerhead.If you plan on keeping more than one sculpin, you should set up
several caves for them to reside in as they are territorial. They also
require live, moving foods like worms,crayfish,ghost shrimp,minnows, that are
small enought to swallow. There are also articles on the NANFA and NFC
websites telling about how to care for them.
As for where you can get them, there is either the NANFA Trading Post or you
can collect them yourself, if they are legal to collect in your area and if
they are present in your area.

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