NANFA-- F. GRANDIS spawning

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 12:08:41 -0800

Last night in my fish room I was lying on the floor looking at some of my
young sunfish in a "community tank" that contains 1 -2 inch sunfish like
bantams, red warmouth, pumpkinseeds and a few others, and looked ahead to a
40 long I have 3 male grandis and 1 female grandis along with a large female
fundulus pulverus in. The water is neutral in every aspect. The temps are
in the low 70's. the tank is decorated with crushed coral and small
driftwood that has stained the water. A canister filter ( really plugged up
one at that) is the only means of water circulation. the three males fought
and displayed. then one would run along side the female, they would drop
down to the substrate and shake side by side will curving their bodies in an
"S" shape. After a few seconds the male would go spar with the others, and
the female would try to dig up here eggs and eat them. When a male saw this
it, would rush over while the other two continued fighting, and mate with
here again, hopefully she forgot the eggs from the previous spawn. After
awhile of this the female just rummaged randomly through the coral looking
for eggs. I was tired, so gave up watching.
Maybe I'll have a big batch of "caca hoe minnows" soon?


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