NANFA-- FYI Frog issue

Gupp (
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 19:24:26 -0700

I just got a nice email back from the Game and Fish people from my
inquiry into schools telling kids to buy tadpoles and let them go in the
wild. Here's a copy for those interested.



> > Dear Ms. Wilson, > Thank you for your inquiry regarding invasive > species. > > The Department is well aware of the problem and is > attempting resolve the > "problem" through a variety of mechanisms. We > publish articles in our > Department magazine, fishing regulations pamphlet, > newspaper articles, and > live presentations. We have also written to the > suppliers of these "pets", > asking them to inform purchasers not to release > ex-pets into the wild. The > release of any animal into the wild is prohibited > by our regulations, > however as you can imagine, enforcement is > difficult. The release of > non-native, invasive species is a global problem, > affecting countries around > the world. At the May 2000 Partners in Amphibian > and Reptile Conservation > meeting, we will be discussing this issue again. > > I would encourage you to write/contact the > suppliers yourself, and express > your concerns and solutions. You may also write or > address in person the > Arizona Game and Fish Commission with your > concerns. Currently, we are > considering regulating the trade of non-native > crayfish in the state, > another non-native, which is devastating aquatic > ecosystems and native > species. Perhaps bullfrogs should be next. > > Thanks again for your suggestions. I wish more > citizens, pet owners, and > businesses shared your concerns. > Best regards, > Mike

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