NANFA-- looking for exotic frog damage articles

Gupp (
Fri, 03 Mar 2000 07:56:43 -0700

One of my sons classes is studying reptiles and amphibians. One of the
suggested at home activities is to buy a tadpole from a local pet shop,
watch it develop into a frog, then let it loose in an appropriate place.

Gee let's tell the kids to buy as many exotic animals that they can and
let them loose and see how many of them can survive locally. Hey ask
those folks in Florida how much they enjoy those Cuban tree frogs and
make sure you get lot's of bull frogs in those areas where there are
those small pesky endangered native fish. Any way you can see I'm more
than slightly annoyed about this stupid advice coming from our local

So I would like to print out some articles about the damage that exotic
frogs can do on local native animal populations. Could anyone direct me
to any URL's that have such articles? Or if not maybe general articles
on releasing exotic animals into native populations?

On the same sort subject, you wouldn't believe how many people have said
things to me like, "Oh I thought my duck was lonely so I let it go at
the local pond." or "My fish got to big so I let them loose at that
pristine native body of water." (ok maybe not quite like that, but I
have had a lot of people tell me about letting their fish loose in local
waters.) Of course I tell them the problems with that sort of action but
I know that don't really listen and their are many people continuing to
do the same things. Most of these people profess to love animals. They
think they are doing the right thing by letting these poor animals free.
I was wondering if their might be an organization of some sort that
might have a little money they might be persuaded to use on a public
service announcement campaign to try to educate the general population
as to the folly of these actions? Just looking for ideas of who might be
contacted with such an idea.

Thanks, Rhonda


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