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Bruce Stallsmith (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 12:25:20 EST

If you wash out the tanks again, try letting the tanks & sand sit in oceanic
strength salt overnight. Planaria are not very good osmoregulators, so you
can probably kill them this way. This is all theoretical, of course... I've
never done this for planaria.

--Bruce Stallsmith
of the Huntsville, AL

>I have a pair of 10 gallon aquariums that have become quite heavily
>with little leech-like organisms that I believe are planaria. They glide
>along the glass much as a leech would, they are tan-colored and appear to
>carnivorous. The longest specimen is approximately 1" long. In one of the
>aquariums, I have only Dwarf Crayfish (C.shufeldtii) and in the other I
>dwarf crayfish and Least Killifish (H.formosa). In both aquariums, the
>planaria have become so numerous as to out compete the dwarf crayfish for
>food. The formosa don't eat the planaria, nor do the dwarf crayfish. I
>cleaned the aquariums, including washing the sand, but the planaria
>populations bounce right back with a vengenance.
>So....I'm wondering what's the best way to rid my aquariums of the
>Any solutions out there? Thanks in advance for any insights & suggestions.
>Bruce Scott
>Meridian, Idaho

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