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Jason Pawloski (
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:59:23 -0800

Hello all,
I am new to the group and figured I'd take a second and drop a note
about myself. My name is Jason Pawloski, I live in michigan, AKA the land
where hell IS frozen. I am making another come back into the wonderful
world of fish after a few years off working with reptiles and amphibians, I
have still been keeping and breeding fish but not as much as I am this time
I have been keeping fish for 13 years now and have bred the bread and
butter mainstay tropicals, danios, live bearers, cichlids ect. I am
interested in native fish, I always have been but since its damn cold here
right now I have been forced to either icefish for my latest inhabitants or
hunt the baitshops, an interesting way but damn hard to get good fish from
them. I currently have one rock bass about six inches long and an albino
channel catfish about 13 inches long. These came from a house that the
renter had left behind. There were seven koi, one goldfish and the catfish
and rock bass. Out of the hassle of running buckets of ice cold water ( the
heating was turned way down after he moved out) I got a 29 gallon and a 55
and a beat up old acrylic that will serve as my sump for my hundred gallon.
I managed to bring them up to temp and not loose a single one or get a
single disease outbreak.
I was wondering how many of the list members are from michigan? Also
does anyone know the status of collecting non-native fish species in
florida. I know there is no minimum size and daily take limit on them with
a valid florida liscense. I was wondering what if anything needs to be done
to take them across state lines? I have been thinking about making a
vacation trip down there to collect tropicals. I saw literally hundreds of
oscars and red terrors and tilapia while i was down there photographing
alligators a few years back. I brought back a couple for my collection
along with a dog fish, which unfortunatly didn't survive the trip. More
precisely it didn't survive my friends shutting off the aeriation several
times on the way back.
I look forward to learning more about out wonderful native species. If
I can be of any help on things feel free to ask.
Sorry about the long introduction but I figured I'd try to get this off on
the right foot.

Best of luck to everyone, take care

Sincerely Jason Pawloski
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