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Jay DeLong (
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 10:04:50 -0800

NMFS biologist Dan Logan from Santa Rosa had this response to Turtle Bay's
request for fish for their exhibit. He said I could share it.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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Good Friday morning, Andy.

Jay DeLong, from the North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA), asked me to respond to your inquiry about obtaining Sacramento River fish.

I am happy to read that Turtle Bay is interested in displaying local native fish. The Sacramento fish fauna in really quite interesting. Let me know when your display opens; I would like to come see the finished product.

Be sure to contact CDFG in Redding for necessary permits; you may need a permit to capture, transport, hold, or display native fish. The CDFG Region 1 headquarters is in Redding. Also, if you really want to include splittail in your display, then you need to contact US Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento as splittail are listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act. Who knows, perhaps there is a source for artificially produced splittail (i.e., someone's research project.) Other fish on your list are rare too (Sacramento perch and tule perch) and may be protected by the State. The folks at CDFG Region 1 can give you the relevant details. (As an aside, Jay DeLong and I captured Sacramento perch in Iron Gate Reservoir on the Klamath River.) Once the permits are in place, you could ask CDFG field personnel to obtain the fish for you (I don't know how successful you will be, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.) Michael Marchetti is an ichthyologist at Chico State; he or his graduate students may be a source for fish. Also, the big State water projects in the Delta region frequently take in fish necessitating salvage. It's a long drive from Redding to the Delta, but it is a dependable source.

Good luck.

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