Re: NANFA-- Footwear....
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 11:39:32 EST

felt soled boots.
the only safe way to go. ive put up with all kinds of hiking boots, tennis
shoes, sandals and beach shoes. all those equal stubbed toes, glass shard
impellment and worse broken necks, twisted knees and unconsciousness from
head smacks resulting from falls.
i bought a pair last year and i can just about run up slick rubble rocked
creeks... and you got to when pulling sienes or running from shotgun toting
i bought a pair w/ velcro for quick on and off but the velcro does NOT stay
on. so stick w/ lace ups.
anyone who has tried to kick siene w/ sandals or tennis shoes is not doing
their job. they are too busy being dainty trying to protect their toes.
i do have a pair of velcroed quick dry tennis shoes i keep in the van for
spontanious turtle grabs or creek crossings.
get felt soled boots and be safe, comfortable and happy.
i wear scuba socks with them... they help w/ comfort and keeping out grit and
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