RE: NANFA-- Bush to end ESA listings for fish?

Crail, Todd (
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 08:57:42 -0500

Yeah, but I've found that by running someone's nose thru the Hall of
Horrors doesn't usually help (at first anyway). In fact it usually
turns people off to the idea of any type of recessitation for nature
because they shrug and go "Well it's already screwed up. Why start now?
<pouring oil down storm drain>". I've found that by convincing people
"you gotta see this!" and focusing on the positives of what's left of
any biotope, I can get more people *out* in the habitat so they can
appreciate it with their own senses. Then the questions start....

...and then you give them the facts. ;)

If they don't spin out in a fit of shame, more than likely, you end up
with a new champion for the causes of nature. They may not ever go
experience it again (I think getting dirty is a once in a lifetime event
for most people ;), but they talk about it from time to time, and they
discuss it frequently when making small talk with myself and other
people in the context of "You should see where he volunteers" or "Dirty
river? You should see the beautiful fish that I saw in that river!" and
then next thing you know.... I get to put my soapbox away :)

I will add, if they're not all that receptive to getting wet.. Find the
riparian areas "up dirt" and understand it's ecology. For us in
Northwest Ohio, we have Oak Savanna/Prarie as a showcase biotope which
hosts a wonderfully diverse list of plants and critters not seen often
enough (esp since it used to go from Indiana to ummm... The Rockies).
Most people are receptive to a walk. Get them in the middle of it and
then yell out "THIS IS A BIG BIG FILTER!" You can show them what needs
that filter in the comforts of your home aquaria :)

And speaking of the Darby... Well founded rumor thru TNC is that a mega
chicken farm will be opening on one of the branches very soon (if
construction hasn't begun already). This year may be the last chance to
see portions "less-altered". I was wondering if Ohioan Nanfan's would
want to make it out for the May TNC Volunteer day at The Riffles and
then go do some exploring after? I believe the volunteering entails
riparian restoration. I can coordinate with TNC's Volunteer
Coordinator. Might be fun :)


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It seems that arguments about habitat protection rarely help and usually
make enemies. People seem to bring in politics and personal views and
that usually don't have anything to do with the details of the issue at
hand. Maybe a simple review of the state of our aquatic habitats and
life would be helpful. The following is from
people think aquatic habitats aren't in need of protections, perhaps you
could defend that view in light of the points of this summary, or refer
some other numbers or studies or facts.
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