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Jason Pawloski (
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 10:56:42 -0800

When I was collecting fish in florida two years ago or there abouts the
neighbors wondered about me. I was camping in the front yard of a friends
house and everyday when I would get back from netting local drainage canals
ect. I would have to jog around the house and drag the extension cord
around and plug my van in. The life support system for my fish would run
all the time when I wasn't on the road, then the back up system running off
the van's power kept things going. It sounded like a chemistry set in there
with the water and air pumps running.
It was even odder looking when i'd stop for a water change and toss my
water pump and pre-filter into canal. Water ran out the side door and in
the back door. Got some strange looks from people.
It was great I never had to pop a tent, build a fire, anything, I was up
with the sun and on the road to my next spot. The best thing was other
than a few shrimp and a dogfish there were no losses driving from Michigan,
through alabama, and spending a week in florida. All in all a good trip. I
wish I was able to get down there again but the van is down with a shot

Traverse City Michigan

"I see the sun, holy hell the sun is out!"
(grabs nets, traps and buckets and heads to get his fishing license)
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