NANFA-- off topic: wild Grouse attacks car, attracted to exhaust,
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 21:24:05 EST

No, this isn't a a joke. Seems like someone posted a year or two ago on this
list about a grouse or pheasant attacking a car.

Anway, a bird watcher sent me very good close up pics of grouse he took in a
parking lot in southern Indiana. The bird attacked the car. He also

>....... He fluffed his ruff (sounds strange) a
>couple of times. I may have some shots of him doing
>so in the next roll.
> Question for you:
> Have you ever heard of anyone doing a study on
>birds being attracted to motor vehicles? This grouse
>was very interested in the exhaust of both my car and
>especially the louder diesel pickup.
> I mentioned this to a friend of min in Connecticut
>who said it was strange because he had had a Tom Turkey
>strut around his van just last week while he was in a
>park out there. He said the turkey definitely seemed
>interested in the exhaust.
> Coincidence?

Also, has anyone ever heard of March being referred to as the "Mad Month" in
regards to nature?

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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