Re: NANFA-- Beware the green sunfish

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:00:17 -0600

I have had some awesome colored green sunfish. I gave them the title " blue
phase green sunfish" because they retained or developed more blues and other
colors as they matured. These were just spetacular fish out of the same
areas as the normal and melanistic forms came from. I have a melanistic
green right now, which was very brightly colored when small. He is not as
melanistic as some I have had, but well covered it what looks like fine
ground pepper. The blue phases would have blue spots in the membranes
between the rays of the soft fins, and every scale was turquoise, not just a
dot, but the entire scale , making the fish more blue than the ground color
of green. Like Rob mentioned about his, the fin trim was more gaudy than the
typical fish as well. I was hoping through selective breeding I could get a
melanistic form with the blue spots. That would be the closest to a Dempsy
you could get, but gave up on playing doctor Frankenstien. I remember
reading about a xanthic ( gold with black eyes, rather than white with pink
eyes when albino) form developed in Texas for stocking ponds, but can not
find anymore information on them. That would be a neat pet as well.
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