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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 19:34:56 -0500


It's obvious now that plant enthusiasts, herp and fish counterparts indeed have
a common foe. I did look at the website of APHIS and could not really find a
"Clean List" but there was so much vaguely worded fine print that suggested
that someone will have the power to create one.

Maybe the "Clean list" is a rumor but I'd still opposed the pending changes
simply because there is too much confusing fine print. We have too many rules
as it is now. This is how the bureaucrats and politicians keep writing
themselves more and more job security at our expense.

I can see it becoming progressivly harder and harder to make a living from the
mail order nursery trade. One more avenue for individuals to pursue success and
happiness foreclosed upon by the authoritarian state that mostly provides
benefits to those who are part of the power structure and maybe a few state
favored corporations which have enough capital to absorb the cost or lobby for
special treatment.

So much for the idea of seeking refuge in horticulture. No hobby and no type of
business is safe any more. No where left to run or hide. Only alternative left
is to dig in and fight back!

I'll forward this to some hobby related forums and others interested in issues
pertaining to personal liberty.


Don Hackenberry wrote:

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> Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 7:12 AM
> Subject: Proposed Federal Restrictions on Interstate Movement of Plants
> >
> >
> >
> > I have never done a mass e-mailing before this. However the previous
> change
> > to plant importation from abroad - now requiring a phytosanitary
> certificate
> > for all "propagation material, including seeds" imported from abroad has
> > already made significant changes.
> >
> > Should the proposed regulation(s) on iterstate movement of plants and
> seeds
> > be enacted it will indeed change gardening as we know it. It makes the
> > change from "what is not prohibbited is permitted" to the much more
> > restrictive "what is not permitted is restricted."
> >
> > Read the proposed regulations. I think it could stretch "Plants harmful to
> > animals" to include daffodils, which are poisonous.
> >
> > There is only a week left for public comment.
> >
> > Check the latest information on the J.L. Hudson Seeds website:
> >
> >
> > The proposal is now not just to turn current policy on its head by
> > allowing the import (including in the form of seeds) ONLY OF SPECIES
> > SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED, but to apply the same restrictions to
> > INTERSTATE transportation of seeds and other plant products.
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