RE: Tank Raised Vs. Wild; was: Re: NANFA-- native killifish take the highest honor

chuckmiro (
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:23:16 -0500

Norman Edelen Wrote:

> [snip] I think NANFA needs to not only place
> emphasis on responsible and legal collecting,
> but on breeding what you collect. I would love
> to see NANFA have some sort of breeders' award
> program. [snip]

Pardon me for chiming in on this, my being a newbie to natives-n-all. But I
agree with what Norm says here. I definitely would like to see North
Americans become more interested in and informed about native fish and their
habitats. The problem is that sometimes things can get too popular --
causing problems we wouldn't want to see (e.g., over collecting, breeding
and culling for unusual traits, etc.). Granted, the prospect of natives
becoming "too popular" isn't something we need to worry about right away.
Still, it's a path that too many popular species (fish, dogs, etc) have gone
down before.


Carlos R. (Chuck) Miró, In the Potomac Basin
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