Re: NANFA-- Jewels Beneath the Ice

Dave Neely (
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 21:03:36 -0600

>In Alabama it's pretty much possible to collect fish year-round. It can
>freeze here in the northern part of the state (Huntsville) but most winters
>don't have a sustained freeze, i.e. the daily temperature will usually
>climb above freezing and the sun remains surprisingly warm. This is very
>different from the Boston area; in ND & MN I'm sure it's out 'n out brutal.

There's darn few parts of this country where you can't collect fish nearly
year round... with the appropriate safety precautions. I used to fish the
Lake Erie and Lake Ontario tribs for steelhead every winter (January in
Buffalo- Brrrr!), and often took a seine or shocker along to get sculpins
and other fish while I was there. One memorable afternoon involved breaking
through ice in a pool, seining up a huge leaf pack, and discovering that
THAT's where a lot of fish go during the winter- especially juv. suckers and
cyprinids. That one leaf pack must have had 1000 redside dace in it- utterly

Of course, you REALLY need neoprene waders to do this... ;)


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