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Sat, 18 Nov 2000 12:15:47 -0800

Here is Bob Muller's BAP post to the BOD list:

For a few days there was a flurry of talk about a NANFA BAP (Breeders
award program) on the NANFA discussion page. BG had/is maintaining a
breeders list. This list is great but I believe we need to add to this

A BAP program would give incentive to breeders to report their findings.
This is particularly important because even though there are organizations
like Conservation Fisheries most breeding of native fish is taking place
in basements across America. Most of the knowledge gained is not available
it remains with those that observed it. We need to get these breeders to
write down and send to NANFA what they have done. If this occurs NANFA
would be able to develop a vast database on native fish husbandry.

The above gives the value to NANFA. The other side is the value to
NANFA members. NANFA is made up of a mix of professionals and aquarists
with a strong interest in native fish. It's easy to see the contribution
made by professionals, it's harder to see what the rest of us have to offer.
Writing up and having my observations cataloged for others to use would
give me the feeling that I was adding to the knowledge base. I'm not an
expert breeder but I have been lucky the past few years (Below is a list
of what I have bred). I respectfully include a draft of a BAP program.
I hope you will encourage the development of this type of program.

Bob Muller
Michigan Chapter

F. notatus, F. chrysotus, Greenside, Rainbow, Fantail, Dusky, & Iowa
Darters, H. formosa, Black Sailfin, Rainbow, & Golden Sawfin Goodeids,
Rosy Reds, N. Redbelly Dace, Rosyface Shiner, and J. floridae


1. Points are earned by breeding and raising at least 10 fry to
60 days old & Turning in a written report.
2. Number of points earned determined by two things:
1. Category fish are placed in by difficulty in breeding.
2. Type of breeding

5 points Livebearers
10 points some Minnows, Sunfish, Killi's, Sticklebacks, some Darters
15 points Mudminnows, some Darters, some Minnows
20 points Madtoms

Spawning fish caught in the spawning season from the wild= Points from
list above
Spawning a fish needing a cold period the next spring= Double points
on list.
Succesive generations= the points on the list

The fishes placed on the list would be decided on by a BAP committee.
This needs to made up of people like JR Shute, Ray Wolf, etc.

List would be reviewed each decade to rearrange if difficult fish
became easy.

Fish turned in for points would have to be on the honor system.

Write ups for 5 point fish could be short like what I posted on the
Rosyface shiner a few days ago.

Write up for other fish would be 400 to 500 word description of
breeding and rearing.

All write ups could be turned over to AC for possible publication.

Breeders award 50 points
Advanced breeders award 200 points
Expert Breeders award 600 points & at least 5 families
represented with no more then
150 points from one family
Specialty Awards
Cyprinidae 600 points 5 genera
Fundulidae/Cyrinodontidae 600 points 2 genera
Darters 600 points 2 genera
Centrachidae 600 points 2 genera


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