Jay DeLong (
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 23:21:14 -0800

> Jay DeLong issued a form that asked many pertinant questions, and I don't
> beleive that anyone filled them out and sent them in to document the
> spawnings of a species.

BG and all, I was more involved at the time in helping make this thing
available via the web page, so I didn't make the actual form myself. If I
recall, some other people were discussing it and throwing some ideas around
(When was that-- 1996?). Nothing ever got formalized and the whole thing
sort of fizzled out. It's great that people are revisiting it now after
several years.

> I hope that we can get together and form a more scientific basis to our
> documentation of native fish spawnings.......this is very important to our
> members and our native fishes!

This will be a valuable thing. NANFA members are notorious for doing things
solo! However, from what we're all reading now on this list, it seems that
a few of you are seeing the value in working as a team, and even taking
something on as a long-term project. I think you'll do great together if
you set goals and respect each other. I'll help as I can by displaying your
program on the NANFA page if someone like Mark B can do the html, but that's
all I can do because I'm not a fish breeder, and I've kind of burned myself
out regarding NANFA projects.

Once again, are there any suckers, I mean volunteers, out there who would
like to develop or improve some aspect of the NANFA web page? There are
opportunities now for this, so contact me with your offer/ideas and we'll
see what we can do. We'll list your name as a webpage contributor but
there's no pay.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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