NANFA-- Re: Bait Buckets & Lids

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:44:31 -0500

> another use for those 5 gallon buckets (with the appropriate lid) is to get
> 2 buckets, drill about 500 holes (of the correct size to retain your
> collection) in one, put the lid on that one, insert it into the other and
> fill with water. you now have a "strainer" for the contents.
That sounds like a good idea to try- though I get along pretty well just
dumping out water and pouring new water in. I fogot to mention another
plastic bucket with a rope handle that I use for dipping water to fill
my coolers and replacing water in my holding buckets. Also a simple
plastic or paper cup makes an ideal dipper for bailing out and changing

> it's also useful to transport fish/shrimp/bait from one spot to another.
> just lift out the inner bucket, put it in the stream/pond/ocean, change the
> water in the outer bucket when you are ready to move again.
> personally, i tie the inner bucket to the boat so i can easily put it
> either overboard or back into the inner bucket when it's time to move.
> works great. the buckets will last about 5 or so years but that "bait" lid
> only makes it about 2.

The useful life of plastic equipment can be extended by storing them in
a dark place when not in use. Solar UV degrades the molecular structure
of plastics causing it to break down and become brittle. I have found
that the white or transluscent buckets become embrittled much more
rapidly than the green , blue or black ones.
Also I perfer the green buckets (and nets) because they are not only
more asthetically pleasing than stark white but also seem to have a
calming effect on fishes. Darker colored buckets and nets match more
closely the vegetation and tanic waters of many fishes natural habitats.


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