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Mark Otnes (
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 13:25:53 -0600

Thanks guys for responding to my message.

The fish world has pretty much ground to a halt now up here. We've had
over-night lows in the single digits and the large lakes are starting to
freeze over. I led an Audubon birdwatching trip around Fergus Falls
Minnesota last Saturday, and at the outlet of Ottertail Lake there were
Ciscos (Coregonus artedi) swimming in the fast current. Normally this fish
is found in very deep water, but I guess they venture into the shallows when
the water gets cold. It was nice to see a little aquatic activity. On the
lake there were 55 Trumpeter Swans, scattered flocks of Buffleheads, a few
scaup, and a Horned Grebe.

A couple of weekends ago I went to this same area and there were still
darters and minnows active in the lake and in the river. I took my small
seine and found Johnny Darters and Emerald Shiners in the lake. In the
river there were the same fish plus Bluntnose Minnows, Common Shiners,
Blacknose Shiners, and Hornyhead Chubs.

That's about it. Have a great Thanksgiving,

Mark Otnes
Fargo ND

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