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Wed, 29 Nov 2000 20:59:29 EST

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<< I currently have 2 types of hydras, and have become interested in them.
They apparently hitched a ride on some plants i put in my tanks, and have
reproduced rapidly (not a problem) in two of my tanks. The two species are
the green photsynthetic kinds, and the brownish gyayish types. The latter
much larger, the largest one having "tentacles" over an inch long. If anyone
has any information or experiences they would like to share, please respond.
Thanks! ---Dan >>

We had hydra get into some of our larval tanks. Tanks that get alot of brine
shrimp nauplii can sometimes have real hydra problems! They can readily eat
small larvae and seem to irritate small juvs as well. We salt tanks with
hydra to a concentration of around 3%. (I think that ends up at somewhere
around a teaspoon/gallon. Ours seem to come and go. I haven't seen any in
months. Otherwise, they are pretty cool.


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